LTC provide a wide range of detailed consultancy, training and testing services for the Laundry industry.

We provide expert services to both Government & Private institutions, our key sectors are health, hospitality and textile manufacturing.

The LTC head office is based in the UK however we work globally especially in the Middle East and Southern Africa.  We also provide independent advice to the Public.

Managing Director, Gannon Chemicals

Gannon Chemicals Ltd have worked with LTC for the past 5 years. Our initial focus was efficacy testing of our range of detergents and this programme was concluded successfully. At present we are engaged with LTC DTC in continuous professional development. This area is where the real value in the relationship comes from, and enables our company to offer a more comprehensive, and valuable service to our customers. It goes without saying that the range of knowledge and experience of all aspects of laundry processing available in LTC DTC is immense and enthusiastically shared.

Vision Support Services, Hilden

Our work with the ‘Laundry Technology Centre’ is aimed at helping our business to optimize product performance in the demanding environments of commercial laundries through regular independent product testing

LTC have provided expert advice on the effects of detergents and processing when reviewing our product performance in relation to our product development program

LTC have supported our business in helping build on our in house expertise, by developing and delivering a workshop program to all our sales and marketing team. This proved to be invaluable in our efforts to understand the importance of product performance

Their independent status is recognized, valued and respected.

Group Director of Rooms and Quality, Linen Connect

Linen Connect is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of commercial linens, and has customers in the UK and Northern Europe. Quality and service run at the very core of our success, and it’s critical for us to have the right partners in this regard.  LTC have been a key service partner of our firm for a number of years advising on issues as they arise, and working closely with our in-house team on product development, testing and proving.  We have also commissioned significant in-house training programs with LTC across the firm.  I have always been thoroughly impressed with the professionalism and detail the firm provides, and the entrepreneurialism of their approach.

Group Director of Rooms & Quality, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

At Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group we use LTC to assist us with independent fiber & fabric test analysis which allows us to choose the best quality of linens.

Our goal is to deliver the best sleep experience to our guests and choosing the best linen quality is a core component of the overall sleep experience.

Vice President Director Hospitality Division, Frette

At Frette we produce world leading textiles for the hospitality and retail markets. When Frette hospitality clients have operational issues with their in house or external laundries, which impact on the successful processing of Frette linens, we call upon LTC to support us by identifying the cause of the issues and to provide Frette clients with practical assistance in the laundry so that our linens meet or exceed our client expectations. To date LTC have supported our business in The Middle East, China and North America by identifying poor practice and adverse chemical conditions in laundries used by our clients. LTC have assisted us by independently confirming that the issues identified were laundry related and therefore preserving the reputation of Frette.

Managing Director, Salisbury Linen Services

LTC sat in the cock pit with us as we set about reshaping our business.

By utilizing the various professional skills within the LTC team we successfully doubled our production, significantly increased our PPOH and attained accreditation for ISO 9001-08 and EN 14065. Thanks LTC”

Support Application Technology Specialist, Ecolab

For many years Ecolab has delivered market leading detergents, systems and technical support to the textile care sector. A significant addition to this support has been the role played by LTC.  This role has included textile testing, microbiological assessment, independent investigations, quality audits and trouble shooting. Our customers value this independent input greatly and appreciate that we have gone “the extra mile” by involving LTC in their businesses. Ecolab has also directly benefitted from bespoke training and mentoring provided by LTC as well as their support as our “critical friend”.