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LTC Worldwide provides a wide range of comprehensive and detailed consultancy services which are all supported with in-depth reports to under pin our recommendations using (where possible) non-technical terms, in a logical format for all levels of reader with pictures, charts and graphs where appropriate.

Due to the unique and often complex issues on the consultancy projects undertaken we always provide a detailed quotation for all work.

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Consultancy for Launderers

LTC Worldwide can assist with the purchase of linens and garments that are the correct quality for your marketplace. We can assist with the production of specifications and then test samples from a range of you existing suppliers to determine which products offer the best value for money balanced against linen life

Fabric life and the ease with which it can be handled and retain its appearance are critical to satisfied customers. The wrong specification when buying your textiles can (and often does) lead to a myriad of processing problems and user dissatisfaction – which we can help avoid.

Increasingly companies are demanding regular independent monitoring of hygiene and quality standards – especially if they operate within the EU or are in hygiene sensitive areas of operation, e.g. food, electronics and healthcare. LTC Worldwide have various monitoring systems that meet all of the most exacting standards – and also give expert advice as to how to improve or more easily maintain them.

LTC Worldwide offer bespoke consultancy to assist launders with managing the balance between production, quality and cost. This includes getting the best results from equipment consumables, utilities, energy, space and staff.

LTC Worldwide have worked with several Public and Private sector healthcare laundry service providers in order for them to achieve EN 14065 accreditation and in so doing meet the requirements of CFPP01-04.

This service includes the production of a simple to implement quality system supported by an EN 14065 compliance manual.

Advice on how to effectively monitor hygiene, quality monitoring selection of key team members as well as training for the team is also available.

LTC Worldwide have developed a range of audits designed to assist the launderer in achieving excellence or permitting the public sector in monitoring a laundry service contract. Audits include detailed measurement of wash quality and microbial contamination of clean linens as well as assessment of contingency arrangements, processing capacity, management systems and transport arrangements plus much more. LTC Worldwide regularly also conduct audits of healthcare laundries to ensure the meet the hygiene requirements of NHS and international healthcare providers. These audits measure the organizations ability to provide white crease free and hygienically laundered healthcare textiles. Training, contingency planning and transport arrangements are also assessed.

LTC Worldwide are skilled in assisting the public sector with tenders and assessing tenders be they for laundry services or capital equipment.

It is often difficult for a non-technical person to not only write a tender document but to also understand the contents of the bid document given by potential suppliers and to validate that the suppliers are actually able to provide the product or service and quality standards required. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the preparation of tender documents but also in the assessment and validation of bids so that management are able to make informed decisions.

Misunderstandings can often occur between the customer, the launderer and the supplier (Chemicals, Textiles, Machinery and so on) and independent expert advice and guidance is needed. As one of the largest independent consultancy’s we provide this help and guidance – all supported with our technical skills and knowledge. We no longer conduct dry cleaning fault analysis. For help with this call Arianna or Stacey on 01274393286 or visit


LTC Worldwide can assist with the purchase of linens and garments that are the correct quality for you marketplace. We can assist with the production of specifications and then test samples from a range of you existing suppliers to determine which products offer the best value for money balanced against linen life.

LTC Worldwide also supplies 25 wash Chemical Damage Test Pieces to assess if the chemistry in a wash process is reducing the life of your linens.

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Fabric construction becomes important when buying against a specification or validating the correct construction has been used.

  • Martindale abrasion test – ISO 12947 to determine the risk of pilling and shade change caused by abrasion.
  • Terry loop tenacity – The pile extraction from a woven towel.
  • Picks and ends – BSI EN 1049-2 To determine the number of warp and weft threads in a fabric.
  • Fibre Content BS EN ISO 1833 normally used on mixed fibre content, e.g. Polyester cotton, to determine the fabric composition.

Items which are the subject of complaint are sent to LTC Worldwide for detailed investigation and report. This could include textile which are failing to meet specification or not performing well in use or they may have unusual staining or damage which the laundry or housekeeping are not responsibility for. The aims of this service are to:

  • Clearly identify and describe the fault
  •  Identifying who caused the fault – be it the manufacturer, owner or launderer and therefore who should take responsibility
  • Explain how to rectify the problem if this is possible and appropriate; and
  • How to prevent it re-occurring.

Where possible all test work is non-destructive

LTC Worldwide regularly conducts independent testing of new and existing detergent products in the industrial and on premise laundry markets. We can assist you in developing new products or assist a hotel chain in choosing the best detergent supplier based on wash performance.

LTC Worldwide has developed several bespoke test procedures for specific issues including determining the potential for work-wear garments to be contaminated with residual nut allergens and for simulating spontaneous combustion. If you have a specific requirement one of our consultants will assist you. Prices for this are based on the range and type of testing required.

LTC Worldwide supply single use Wash Quality Test Pieces which quantitatively assess the quality of a wash process. We use artificially soiled swatches to ensure that fats, oils, proteins particulate soil and bleachable stains are effectively removed and offer constructive process advice if quality is not meeting expectations.

There are a wide range of possible tests available. The following is a brief list of those most commonly used and undertaken in a UKAS accredited laboratory. If the specific test required is not given below, please contact us for further information.

There are several methods to determine fabric STRENGTH/DAMAGE depending upon the fabric fibre content:

  • Cuprammonium fluidity (BS2610) for use on 100% cotton and certain cellulosic fibres to determine the level of chemical damage sustained on both new and used items.
  • Tear and Breaking strength – BSI EN ISO 13937 or BS EN ISO 13934 or BS 2576. Used for both 100% cotton and polyester cotton fabrics. There are a range of 7 types for this depending upon the fabric.


LTC Worldwide offer a range of quality tried and tested training courses to assist the launderer. Our training department is led by Stuart Boyd who is a qualified teacher, launderer of 30 years’ experience and an experienced management laundry and management consultant.

From our wealth of industry knowledge and specialist training expertise LTC worldwide have developed Laundry Technology and Management training packages for Supervisors, Managers and Engineers. These training packages with their “live” projects and case studies are specifically targeted to be relevant to the delegates and to deliver a return on any training investment.

The training supports and enhances existing staff knowledge and encourages the exchange of good practices, leaving any company more profitable and operating more effectively as a result. LTC worldwide work with their clients before starting the course so that it is bespoke to their individual needs and fully supports their business.

This is a one day level 2 training course for launderers and buyers. It explores how launderers and buyers can better understand the issues in textile manufacture and supply that affect how textiles perform in the laundry. The course is designed to give launderers and buyers the skills to be able to purchase and process textiles more effectively.

LTC Worldwide offers one day training in the latest methods of validating disinfection within your laundry. Most of the newer approaches to ensuring laundry is disinfected rely on risk assessment methodology. The LTC Worldwide training concentrates on the four key components of risk assessment methodology.

• Identify hazards
• Classifying the risks and recording them
• Identifying control measures and implementing them
• Validation and how to do it

This is a one day course.

Laundry or Drycleaning Fault Identification Levels 2 & 3 These two one day training courses at intermediate and advanced level are designed to equip the customer service team member to identify common laundry or dry cleaning faults, establish the cause and apportion blame in a consistent and fair manor. The training is conducted over two days, one day at each level.

This four day course teaches managers and supervisors how to implement laundry technology to assist them in achieving quality productivity and cost targets. It teaches the technology in the first two days followed by the management skills required to ensure the technology is put into action.

LTC Worldwide offer a level 3 training course for aspiring and experienced laundry supervisors that gives them the knowledge and skills to overcome everyday challenges. The course is given over four consecutive days or broken down into four x one day release modules. The training is delivered using laundry specific case studies and is driven by achieving positive outcomes.

LTC Worldwide offers a one day training course for quality champions within laundry operations. The course explores the different methods of assessing the quality of new linen and how to monitor the quality of the linen in use along with the quality of the wash processes. LTC Worldwide also offer a one to one mentoring programme designed to maximise the potential of your up and coming management team members.

Effective mentoring has the potential to transform individuals’ performances and their organisations success. Although similar in some ways they each have a fundamentally different approach to development.

With mentoring, the individuals that are being mentored draw on the knowledge and experience of their mentor to support them through significant changes in their work – taking on a new role or accepting a significant change in responsibility, for example. .

Coaching, on the other hand, is the process by which individuals are empowered, to solve problems and transfer their learning to the workplace. This improves their performance at work and gain insights about themselves, their capabilities, and their potential.


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