Annual Blog Roundup: The LTC Blogs Hydrofinity Subscribers Loved Most in 2019

As 2019 draws to a close, we feel it is important to look back at some of the highlights from the past year. Here are some of the most popular blog posts written by our own, Steve Anderton, and published on the Hydrofinity website.

  1. How to Launder Spa Towels Successfully

This blog will tackle everyone’s spa experience nightmare – smelly, oily, yellow towels! Unfortunately, the essential oils used in spas are notoriously difficult to remove and holes in “young” towels and stubborn brown stains are common. This can be a thing of the past with Steve’s top tips though.

  1. Why Reducing Water Consumption in the Laundry is So Important

Water consumption in a modern laundry varies from under 5 litre/kg of dry textiles to over 20 litre/kg! Most laundries can improve their consumption simply by employing best practices. Read this blog to find out what the “8 Golden Rules for Reducing Water in the Laundry Room” are.

  1. How to Plan for Your New Commercial Laundry – Part 1

An essential read for anyone thinking of setting up a commercial laundry. Steve covers everything from identifying your USP to maximising your laundry layout for efficiency.

  1. How to Optimise Your Laundry Chemistry for Great Results

In this blog, Steve points out the most common stains found on garments and highlights how basic laundry chemistry works and how to use some of the lesser known techniques to surprise and delight customers.

  1. How to Choose Your Hotel’s Next Commercial Washing Machine

Choosing the right washing machine for your hotel laundry needs is tricky business. What capacity machine is best? Which will give the best wash results? This blog considers all of the opportunities for the staff member tasked with ordering a new washer.

  1. Tips to Minimise Water and Energy Consumption (and Save Cash)

Four simple steps which can be taken with every washing machine design to minimise water and energy consumption in everyday use, with useful benefits in productivity as well.

  1. How to Plan for Your New Commercial Laundry – Part 2

The second blog on setting up a new laundry, this post covers how to get the best from finishing departments, marking and classification, packing out and collection/delivery. It also covers fire safety, with handy tips to avoid the chances of a fire starting in your new business.

  1. 6 Tips to Stay Safe in The Laundry

The 6 top laundry hazards are highlighted in this post and Steve explains what simple actions laundry managers can take to ensure their staff, customers and neighbours are kept safe.